Give a little, feed a lot!

Funds raised through Lawyers Feeding Illinois will go directly to food banks to support local communities. The food bank network serving Illinois is incredibly efficient in its ability to distribute food through a network of over 2,000 pantries, soup kitchens, and shelters. On average, for every one dollar donated, Illinois food banks can provide 5 meals to hungry families! Think of the impact you can make with your gift.

Anybody can contribute to a team's fundraising efforts - and the more you raise, the more points your team will earn! If you're not a member of an LFI participating team and want to support our efforts, click here.

Need inspiration? Check out our handy fundraising tips for teams.

Online fundraising

Donors can support your team through your unique fundraising page, which will be created automatically for you when you complete the registration process. All donations contributed through your team’s fundraising page will be automatically included in your total points. You can browse a list of links to all team fundraising pages here.

Your team may begin collecting donations online as soon as you register.

Offline fundraising

Your team may also collect donations of cash or checks. All donations must be kept in a secure place, designated by your Team Coordinator, until the end of the campaign. Be sure to instruct donors to make checks payable to Feeding Illinois and to provide accurate mailing information so they may receive a receipt.

Your team may begin collecting cash and checks whenever you wish; however, you must hold all cash and checks in a secure location until the end of the campaign. We cannot accept multiple payments or deposits of checks or cash from one team. Therefore, for logistical purposes, we encourage teams to collect donations of cash and checks only around the dates of the campaign.

There are a number of required forms for you to complete in order to accurately report your results. Click here to download comprehensive procedures for collecting, verifying, and reporting your fund and food totals. Or, click here to see a list of all downloadable forms and files available in your Team Toolkit.



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