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When is the campaign?
Where does my donation go?
Who may participate in Lawyers Feeding Illinois?
I’m an individual attorney. How can I be involved?
Why is my team being asked to count our attorneys?
How are points earned?
Why are you awarding more points for money than for food?
How can participants donate money?
Are monetary donations tax-deductible?
Are food donations tax-deductible?
What types of food are acceptable?
How do our food donations get to the food banks?
My team wants to visit our food bank!
How will awards be calculated?
How will large law firms with multiple office locations sign up?
How will I report how much food we raised?
Is it OK to just collect money OR food, not both?

When is the campaign?
Campaign dates: February 18  - March 1, 2013.
Registration begins: November 5, 2012.
Earlybird registration ends: To qualify for 100 bonus points for early registration, your team must be registered by December 17, 2012.
Registration ends: All teams must register by March 1, 2013.
Deadline to turn in donations and reports: Teams must report their donations and mail all checks to Feeding Illinois by March 8, 2013.
Announcement of results: Results will be tallied and winners will be announced by mid-March, 2013.

Where does my donation go?
100% of donations of food and funds, net of processing fees for credit card donations and campaign-related expenses, collected during the Lawyers Feeding Illinois campaign will support your local food bank. Donations will be tracked by zip code, aggregated by Feeding Illinois, and routed to the appropriate food bank.

In turn, the food banks will use the funds to serve food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, and senior and children’s feeding sites in local communities across Illinois. Rest assured, your donation will be used to fight hunger in your community.

Who may participate in Lawyers Feeding Illinois?
Anyone! Only members of the legal community (whether or not they are members of the ISBA) may register to compete as teams in LFI, and team size will be determined by the total number of participating attorneys (or law students). But anyone can help your team in any way, and anyone can contribute! We encourage everyone – friends, family, hair stylists, Euchre partners – to support the efforts of our legal community to make the biggest impact possible. Find a team in your area and join it or support it. Learn more about the registration process and team types. Or, read more about how to get involved here.

I’m an individual attorney, and my firm and/or bar association is not participating in LFI. I want to help! How can I be involved?
As an individual (active or inactive) attorney, there are several ways you can participate in LFI.

  • You can register as a “firm” of 1 employee and raise food and funds on your own. Friends and family can help you fundraise and collect food.
  • You can reach out to your non-participating firm or bar association and mobilize a team. You might offer to serve as Team Coordinator.
  • You can mobilize an informal group of lawyers – friends, Euchre partners, networking groups, whatever – and register as a “firm” using an organization name of your choosing. Be sure to provide the total number of participants on your team.

Click here to learn more about the registration process.

Why is my team being asked to count the total number of attorneys on staff?
At the time of registration, teams will be asked to provide the total number of active and inactive attorneys at their organization. This number should include all attorneys that are members of or on staff at the organization. In the case of individual attorneys or informal groups of attorneys (e.g., a networking group or group of friends), this number should include all participating members of the team.

We ask for this number because several of our award categories will be determined based on the size of your organization (firm, bar association, etc) and/or on a per capita basis. We want everyone, regardless of size, to participate and have a fair chance at the top awards!

How are points earned?
Each registered team will compete to obtain the greatest number of points by raising money, food, or both. Teams can earn points in the following ways:

  • Every dollar donated will be worth 5 points.
  • Every pound of food donated will be worth 1 point.
  • Bonus points will also be awarded for extra efforts, including:
  • Early registration (on or before December 17, 2012) will earn a one-time award of 100 points.
  • Teams that deliver all food collected to the designated drop off location will earn a one-time award of 100 points.

Why are you awarding more points for money than for food?
Our state’s food banks are experts in food procurement and distribution. Every day, they distribute hundreds of thousands of pounds of food, using a highly efficient system of pickup, storage, and distribution to food pantries, soup kitchens, and shelters. As part of this system, they are able to leverage huge corporate donations of food. And when they do purchase food, they are able to get the best possible rates – much less than you pay at the grocery store. In fact, on average, our state’s food banks can turn a single dollar into about 5 meals for hungry families!

At the same time, national standards estimate that approximately 1.3 pounds of food is required to provide an average meal. That’s why we’ve weighted our points according to the impact that your activities will make – each dollar earns your team five points, and each pound earns one.

How can participants donate money?
The quickest, safest and all around best way is to donate online using your team’s unique fundraising page, hosted by Crowdrise, an online fundraising platform. Your Team Coordinator will receive an email with a direct link to your team’s page immediately after registration, or you can find a comprehensive list of team fundraising pages here. You can share this link internally at your organization and publicly – all gifts made through your team’s page will count toward your team’s fundraising total.

Alternatively, your team can collect checks and cash. More detailed instructions for collecting funds is available here.

Remember – anyone can donate to your team’s efforts!

Are monetary donations tax-deductible?
Yes, Feeding Illinois is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization and monetary donations are tax deductible. All donors that provide a valid name and mailing address will receive a receipt for tax purposes.

Are food donations tax-deductible?
Due to logistical constraints, we are unable to provide tax receipts for food donations.

What types of food are most needed? Are there restrictions on food donations?
Nutritious, staple food is of most value to hungry families. For a specific list of most-requested items as well as restricted items, please see our food collection guidelines.

How do our food donations get to the food banks?
Illinois food banks are operating at full capacity in the wake of an unprecedented hunger crisis. Often, they get multiple requests for deliveries of food to agencies serving exceptionally high numbers of hungry families, and they have to respond quickly to meet the need. More than ever, it is imperative that our food banks use their resources efficiently.

That’s why, whenever possible, it is extremely helpful for teams to deliver any food collected directly to their regional food bank. If your food bank is far away, your team may work with your food bank to select another agency that can receive your food.

As an added incentive, if your team chooses to deliver the food you collect to your food bank or a designated drop off location, you will receive a one-time bonus of 100 points.  Food must be delivered to a designated location by March 8, 2013 to be eligible for these bonus points.

Alternatively, your team may request that your food be picked up by your regional food bank. Detailed information about delivering and picking up food is available here.

My team wants to visit our food bank! How do I set that up?
On a case-by-case basis and depending on resource availability, you may be able to work with your regional food bank or a local food pantry or soup kitchen to plan a campaign event or visit. Your Team Coordinator should work with Feeding Illinois and your local food bank to coordinate these visits well in advance.

How will awards be calculated?
Awards will be calculated among like groups on a both per capita and aggregate basis in each of the four team categories. Prizes will be given, but bear in mind the prizes will be more fun than valuable. Our goal is to help hungry Illinois families get the support they need. Still, winners may expect public recognition, heartfelt thanks, and appropriate hoopla.

Detailed information on awards is available here.

I work at a large law firm with multiple office locations. Will we compete as one entity or as individual offices?
Larger firms that have offices in more than one location and/or county will compete for awards as a single, consolidated team.  However, donations will be allocated to each of the eight regional food banks based on the donor’s billing zip code – therefore, all contributions made will stay in the donor’s local community. Each of your offices, then, can rest assured that the money and food they raise will come right back to the community in which they live and work.

Large firms with multiple offices should register one time as a single team using the online registration form.

How do I report how much food we have collected?  Where will the food donations be weighed?
Your team is responsible for verifying the weight of food you collected by working directly with your food bank. At the end of the campaign, your team should record the total number of pounds you collected on the Food Donation Form, which can be found in your Team Toolkit or downloaded here, have it verified by a food bank representative or other authorized individual, and submit it to Feeding Illinois by mail or email along with any checks you collected and the rest of your campaign results. Detailed procedures on collecting food are available here.

All campaign-related forms can be found here.

Is it OK for my team to only raise money or only collect food, rather than do both?
Sure! This is your campaign feel free to customize it. Keep in mind, though, that you get a bigger bang for your buck: every dollar raised is worth 5 points, and every pound is worth 1 point.


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