Collecting Food Donations

Your team may collect donations of nonperishable food items from anyone in the community. Your Team Coordinator should be in charge of selecting a location where food may be dropped off at your firm. Bar association teams may wish to designate a particular firm or location as their collection site. The Team Coordinator should also be in charge of coordinating the drop off of donations or a scheduled pickup of food by a food bank.

  • Refer to the list of most-needed items for guidance on what to collect and for information on restrictions.
  • Keep all food in one secure location until the end of the campaign.
  • Only donations collected between Feb 18 and March 1, 2013, will count in your score.
  • Arrange to drop off your food at a designated drop-off location or to have it picked up from your collection site. Your Team Coordinator will receive information about your designated drop-off location after your team registers.
  • Be sure to get the weight or item count of your food verified by an authorized representative of your food bank or designated drop-off location.
  • Report your totals at the end of the campaign. You must turn in all your food and mail your totals to LFI by March 8.

There are a number of required forms for you to complete in order to accurately report your results. Click here to download comprehensive procedures for collecting, verifying, and reporting your fund and food totals. Or, click here to download all forms and files available in your Team Toolkit.



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