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Hunger: it's in every county.

Written by  Jon

I can not tell you how excited I am to be a part of the Lawyers Feeding Illinois Campaign. I was selected by ISBA President John Thies to serve on the committee for southeastern Illinois. I believe that southeastern Illinois and other rural areas of the State offer unique challenges for dealing with hunger. In my home area of Richland County, for example, over fifty percent (50%) of the school age children qualify for free or reduced lunches. This is just one indicator of the struggles that families are facing in smaller communities.

When we think of the hungry, we often think of urban centers. Too often, smaller communities in downstate Illinois are overlooked. The Lawyers Feeding Illinois Campaign is focused on addressing that concern by reaching out to attorneys from every county in the state for support for this important project. I encourage everyone to do their part because whether you are from a large community or a small town, hunger exists everywhere. Register a team to compete, or make a donation to support our efforts. By all of us doing our part, we can make a difference!

Jon Racklin is an attorney and member of the Lawyers Feeding Illinois Steering Committee


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