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ATG: Underwriting our Fees

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Thanks to campaign partner Attorneys' Title Guaranty Fund (ATG), our campaign expenses are virtually nonexistent.

All fundraising campaigns have expenses - like fees for credit card processing, marketing materials, and web design. Many folks have asked how much of their donation will be passed along to their regional food bank, and how much will go to cover these types of expenses. Luckily, thanks to an outstanding partnership with ATG, we can safely say that nearly 100% of donors' gifts will go directly to Feeding Illinois - and then back to their regional food bank.

Here's how that works. ATG has pledged $15,000 to support campaign expenses, which will cover all credit card processing fees up to a total of $200,000 in donations, plus up to $5,000 in marketing and outreach expenses. Unless we wildly exceed our goal - which, hey, wouldn't that be a great problem to have?! - that means that every dollar will be passed straight through to food banks. That's why, when you give to the campaign online, you'll see a little message on your checkout screen that highlights ATG's support.

As our first major financial sponsors, our friends at ATG have shown incredible leadership and vision in supporting this campaign. We are so grateful to them and their incredible team for their commitment to Feeding Illinois!


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